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Experimental Museology +

A laboratory for new research in museum experiences

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The EPFL is home to a long list of laboratories that are all pioneers in their respective fields. eM+ is a research laboratory at the intersection of emergent technologies, visual analytics and cultural data. Boasting eight powerful visualisation systems that provide unique experiences, eM+ is a place to explore new ways of communicating content in museums.

At the opening of the lab, it was necessary to come up with a modern and solid logotype for use on various support types like screen and paper. From thorough research into the process of the lab and the history of museums came the following visual identity:


Long version
eM+ - Logotype 01
Short version
eM+ - Logotype 02

The top-level process at the heart of eM+ projects is the accumulation of data through time. Like the steps in scanning and storing, the idea behind the logotype is to represent this method visually. Here it is achieved through the increasing font-weight on an axis.

eM+ - Logotype 03
eM+ - Logotype 04

To include the influence of the museum world, the golden ratio is applied to the character kerning with the Fibonacci sequence. The same way that the early temples dedicated to the arts and culture, or any greek temple by that matter, was built using the ratio in some form.

eM+ - Icons 01
eM+ - Icons 02
eM+ - Signage 01

Linear Navigator

eM+ - Linear Navigator 01

The initial work came with a proposition for a linear navigator implementation. Essentially, a moving screen on the wall of the lab that showcases the history of projects done with the laboratory.

eM+ - Linear Navigator 02
eM+ - Linear Navigator 03
eM+ - Linear Navigator 04


Conception Patrick Donaldson