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As our presence on earth keeps changing the planet in negative ways, we look for solutions to revert the damage caused. Fast Green is one of these solutions. With a fast, reliable & ecological solution in food transport, the start-up's mission is to provide the first, vegan and vegetarian only, food delivery service.

With such a change in eating habits, Fast Green helps in three categories: it's better for your health, it's better for the planet, and it's better for the animals.

With this initial mission in mind came the following brand:


Long version
Short version

Like a planet protected by two leaves, the logo is a representation of the positive effects of such a change on the planet. Being part of the food delivery service, you may also notice the subtle form of a plate. Being drawn with a single line, the idea of a never ending cycle springs to life to express the ecological aspect of the brand.


You can visit the live website here.


Conception Patrick Donaldson

Development Gaspard Chevassus Patrick Donaldson

Fast Green Team Blérim Morina