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The voice of the visitor

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Muse - Website UI 01


Museums today have hit a sticking point: The experiences offered to the visitors do not return any feedback of any kind to the people curating them. The communication goes one way only. This, of course, creates issues where the teams spending time building their ideas for the general public may be completely off what the final user is actually looking for in terms of content and exploration.

To solve this issue, the incredible team of "muses" lead by Prof. Sarah Kenderdine & Prof. Anita Kocsis have a solution to offer. muse is a service that allows museums to hear the voice of the visitor in real-time to gauge the success of an exhibition or experience.

In three simple steps, muse allows you to:

  • create interactive surveys
  • collect the feedback of visitors in terms of demographics, emotions, photos, videos and more
  • visualise the collected information in a clear and well-designed user interface that reveals where museums may be doing something wrong

In this context, here is the work done for the web platform:


Muse - Website UI 02
Muse - Website UI 03
Muse - Website UI 04
Muse - Website UI 05
Muse - Website UI 06
Muse - Website UI 07
Muse - Website UI 08
Muse - Website UI 09
Muse - Website UI 10


Project Lead Prof. Sarah Kenderdine Prof. Anita Kocsis Evaluation & Analytics Prof. Afshan Heuer Mary Yacob

Design Lead Patrick Donaldson Volker Schubert Software Engineer Allan Jones

Website Development Gaspard Chevassus Mathilde Igier Patrick Donaldson