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Nu Glass

Better wireless technology

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When inside a building or vehicle, the overall structure acts as a Faraday cage that prevents most wavelengths from entering. This in turn causes many drops in wireless connectivity forcing companies to invest in wireless repeaters to insure that people can stay connected. Nu Glass came up with a powerful solution to remove the need for repeaters, improve indoor wireless connectivity, and thus reduce costs for large companies.

The method is to engrave glass surfaces with a grid pattern that allows specific wavelengths through.

With this initial story in mind came the following brand:


Long version
Short version

The Greek letter ν (pronounced "nu") is most often used to represent the frequency variable in calculations. Mirrored and flipped over, it then creates a visual wavelength pattern. The name "Nu Glass" has a wordplay on the word "new", to bring forth the innovative side of the technology.


You can visit the live website here.


Conception Patrick Donaldson

Development Patrick Donaldson

Nu Glass Team Luc Burnier