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Tune Insight

Orchestrating Sensitive Data Collaborations

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As data becomes the driving force for organisations to make better decisions, we must come up with a safe, scalable, and powerful solution to handle data collaborations. Tune Insight is this solution. The company offers to orchestrate secure sensitive data collaborations in order to extract collective insights. This means each participating organisation, whilst keeping full control of their own data, receive intelligence from the combination of all connected data. This in turn allows organisations to make better decisions, together.

For such a powerful service must come an equally powerful idea for the branding. The process behind Tune Insight is a perfect analogy of an orchestra director, where each organisation is a musician, handling his own partition (the private data), yet participating in the resulting symphony (collective insight).

With this initial origin story came the following brand:


Long version
Tune Insight - Logotype 01
Short version
Tune Insight - Logotype 02

Like a tuning fork, Tune Insight first synchronizes the connected organisations in order to then extract the collective insight. Therefore, the inspiration for the company logotype was clear and allows for a wide range of animation possibilities and applications on various supports.


Tune Insight - Website UI 01
TuneInsight phone UI - 03

The background element of the website consists of many data blocks that move to the varying mouse position. Like a director's hand, the user's mouse creates a wave that echoes through the scene.


The Tune Insight application is a carefully designed experience and interface that allows each organisation to query the collective data in different ways depending on their needs. Based on a modular node-graph system, users can easily iterate through ideas, share them with the private team, export generated machine learning models that can then help the organisations in unique ways.

Tune Insight - App UI 01
Tune Insight - App UI 02
Tune Insight - App UI 03
Tune Insight - App UI 04
Tune Insight - App UI 05


Conception Patrick Donaldson

Tune Insight Team Juan Troncoso Pastoriza Jean-Pierre Hubaux Romain Bouyé